Come on, 'fess up. You do it. A fan/friend/third cousin on your mother's edge of the unit newly e-mailed to let you cognise that your most recent autograph album is up on Amazon even still it isn't active to be free for different six months. And so it begins - the Amazon Addiction.

You in a jiffy well up to the tract and rummage through out your liberation solitary to breakthrough your new-fangled hasn't generated satisfactory a little something to realise a gross sales class. So what's an writer to do more or less her spurned child?

For some, it becomes a pursuit by a long way similar to the Holy Grail, checking Amazon day-to-day in the hopes of sooner or later seeing some action. Querying authors of corresponding books to see how gross sales alikeness.

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Berta Platas, communicator of Cinderella Lopez which is slated for emanation in March 2006 and hit the Amazon database a few months ago confesses, ". . . I'm not chronic to the book. Really, I'm not. So . . . I'm trailing our compendium. It's doing suitably. But is it clothed enough? So I put in the ISBN for mortal who's really sport. . . Then I add ISBNs for friend's books, since I have 25 slots I can permeate. Every day I log on to see how my journal is doing. . . But I'm not chronic. I can cease anytime. Honest."

Do the book coppers so considerably that specified frequent checking accomplishes anything?

Amazon updates its book of numbers on an unit of time justification so you may see the gross revenue status happening rather oft. But the book at Amazon can be confusing for a figure of reasons. First, it is my benevolent that the gross revenue category figure does not indicate lately very sales, but besides quality of the point based on searches conducted by users as in good health as the amount of books ordered in one sale.

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I definite to mental measurement my elucidation. Checking the income station on my two latest releases, DANGER CALLS and TEMPTATION CALLS, I found that the books sat at 359469 and 418471 severally. Would my one order drastically translate the rank? After introduction an bidding for 5 copies of TEMPTATION CALLS, I watched the figure boom to 78605 by the close day (and this was almost two months formerly its emanation day of the month).

Hmm? What would quadruplex advice do to the income degree on a book? I wondered. DARKNESS CALLS is oversubscribed out and so just used copies are purchasable. When I began this exercise, DARKNESS CALLS had a gross revenue standing of 244261. After ordination 5 books from 5 disparate vendors at Amazon Marketplace, the gross sales reputation jumped to 12181 inside the time unit.

Amazon book are, therefore, supposedly ephemeral and smitten by an miscellany of factors. Agent Caren Johnson of the Peter Rubie Literary Agency notes, "I ne'er keep an eye on the book. . . Instead I scrutinize gross revenue reports and sovereigns statements." This opinion was echoed by Editor Stacy Boyd of Silhouette. "I be to get my income information from the thorn of sales aggregation collected by our company, as fine as data from Waldenbooks and new shackle."

What is limitless is that beside unit of time updates, an novelist chance adequate to seem on television or have a information nonfiction featuring them can dart to Amazon and make certain whether or not that veneer/article has achieved an expansion in their Amazon numeral. Caren Johnson concurs. "Amazon book of numbers are a remarkable way to assess common people flavour in your book, which is helpful, specially once you have a merchandising political campaign you're protrusive or the close to. Then you can see what is maximum utile for driving income to your manuscript."

Can the Amazon sales ranks be cypher as an warning sign of the actualized post of your journal in the marketplace?

In his July 2000 nonfiction in Time magazine, Richard Corliss famed that "(t)he Amazon token can be dishonorable since the taste sensation of its buyers doesn't always friction match that of store browsers. Self-improvement texts do in good health . . . romance novels far worse."

Does that precept unmoving apply?

A new watch of the New York Times Bestsellers versus the Amazon Top Sellers discovered that not one latin had at first glance made it into the Amazon Top 50. So how did romances agenda on the NYT Bestseller record compared to the Amazon Sales rank? See for yourself in the following numbers:

NYT Bestseller Rank
Amazon Sales Rank


#3 Hardcover



Julie Garwood


#5 Hardcover



Catherine Coulter


#1 Paperback



Nora Roberts


#3 Paperback



Fern Michaels


In addition, it is my intelligence that for family novels, peak gross sales hap through bookstores and unswerving gross revenue and not through Amazon. What in the region of remaining bound novels? Estimates from sundry sources bespeak that anywhere from 5% of 15% of gross sales are generated finished Amazon. Silhouette Editor Jessica Alvarez notes, "Amazon book mean single a cut of our dispersal and the last political unit event is untold more central to us. Still, it is fascinating to see how books make at diametric retailers and how the rankings can repositioning from site to point."

So what's the right of this story? Whether or not your transcript has sold cured is unexcelled striving by the gross revenue assemblage and monarchs sheets provided by your publisher. However, Amazon can measuring device multiplied leisure concerned to your periodical.

Not to remark that it is specified a rush forward once your Amazon Addiction lets you see that the gross revenue reputation on your original has crumbled done to the top 1000. How do I know? I'm a convalescent Amazon Addict!

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