I LOVE scene books, so I'm e'er paradisaical when I brainwave a new see work of fiction that is as delicious as this new giving out from children's communicator Shelly Becker. From the exceptionally prototypic folio I could identify beside infinitesimal Gail when her "greedy" Cousin Claire came to coming together and Mother told Gail she should be nice and brainwave thing that Claire would relish.

When Gail sees that Cousin Claire has snatched her plaything bear, she purely can't nick it.

Well, after I snapped (I hadn't napped),

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A ire filled my director.

I scowled so bad with persuasion red mad,

and this is what I said:

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"MINE, MINE, MINE! You pass it back!

And cut off that screaky whimper.

Let's get this undiluted now, Cousin Claire.

See all this stuff? It's MINE!"

Gail goes on to label her important belongings, one by one, for Cousin Claire, holding her cognize in no diffident expressions that she should keep hold of her keeping off of EVERYTHING!

When Clair sobs and moans, Mom comes in sometime once more to present other tip for Gail. But the funny way Gail takes Mom's warning is a hoot!

I won't contribute distant the romance here and make a botch of the fun for readers. I'll conscionable say that kids aren't the lone ones who will be captivated by small Gail's "dark side" and her hard work to modify and cram to helping.

I was astounded at how healed illustrator Hideko Takahashi was able to convey Gail's and Claire's state of mind finished their external body part expressions in specified crude illustrations. But they were perfect!

This copy is MUST HAVE for any preschool's (or preschooler's) library!

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